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Seller Closing Costs

No. Purchase agreement contracts do not typically list any of the closing costs a buyer and seller pay. Sometimes, the sale contract will mention that a seller is paying for a specific amount of the buyer's closing costs. Closing costs vary by zip code, purchase price, and other factors. Contact us as in some areas we can provide you with a closing cost estimate.

Closing a real estate transaction is also known as escrow in some areas. It involves orchestrating the necessary third parties:

  • mortgage lenders,
  • appraisers,
  • title companies,
  • closers,
  • inspectors,
  • surveyors,
  • attorneys, etc.

Most transactions involve some but not all of these other parties.

Misconceptions about closing costs:
  1. Closing costs are listed on the purchase agreements.
  2. Buyers and sellers negotiate/divide up who will pay what costs from an established list of standard charges.
  3. Buyers pay all closing costs
  4. Sellers pay all closing costs
  5. Closing costs are standardized, or one lump sum
  6. The seller needs to bring a bunch of checks to closing and pay each closing cost vendor indvidually
For seller closing costs, here are some important points to remember:
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