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Get your home sale closed for $499.

$499 Flat Fee!


For the home buyer and seller who have found each other, and need to get the deal done, our service is for you.

Avoid the hourly rate or percentage fee charges

You get the right forms and professional guidance to close, without the confusion

We are a team of licensed real estate brokers who have been helping thousands of sellers for decades. We can help you for a low, flat fee.





By Owner Buyers and FSBO Sellers say "You made it simple and easy." 

All required paperwork included We coordinate the other parties in a typical closing
We take the lead, you just follow simple instructions Professional answers to your questions



How the By Owner Real Estate Closing Facilitation for Home Sales Service Works:

  1. Tell us about yourself and the home you are selling here
  2. We work with all the other parties necessary to get the transaction closed. If you aren't sure who the other parties are, we can help. We are transaction coordinators!
  3. You get an estimate of all your closing costs and what your seller net proceeds and buyer cash needed at close, well in advance.
  4. We can typically work with your preferred closing date, or suggest a reasonable one if you are unsure.
  5. You can monitor the progress toward closing at any time.
  6. Your transaction will be done before you know it, and you can get on with your life.





The best alternative for FSBO Purchase Agreement Contract Assistance, Transaction Coordination, Transaction Management, Closing Arrangement, and Escrow/Closing:

  • Instead of Realtors who want a percentage fee (ouch!)
  • Instead of professionals who want to charge an hourly rate (scary-how much will it be?)
  • Instead of the confusion and risk of figuring it all out on your own (stressful!)


Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Closing


What if I have already found a purchase agreement/sales contract?

Be careful. Most real estate purchase agreements found online are not recommended and never used by professionals. Why? Because they do not comply with local laws. Some of these forms are deceptively marketed with the words "Valid in all 50 states." We believe that is deceptive because a seller will likely break local and state laws by using such a "valid" form. We typically use standard, Realtor Association forms because they comply with the state and local laws for real estate closings. Don't forget that almost every state also requires disclosure forms, and many properties also require a federal disclosure form.

What does this service do for me as a buyer or seller?

Our service provides the forms and professional guidance to buyers and sellers who want to successfully complete their home sale/purchase. As licensed real estate professionals, we facilitate the closing process by providing and assisting with the necessary forms, involving the necessary other parties (lenders, appraisers, title companies, closers, inspectors, surveyors, attorneys, etc. most transactions involve some but not all of these other parties), and leading the process to a successful closing. CloseMyHomeSale is a superior alternative to others who charge high, hourly fees, or percentage based fees to facilitate the real estate closing. 

Is this service available in my area?

This service is available in most states EXCEPT New York, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Inquire here for more information about availability in your exact area.

How and when do I pay for the service?

Once you inquire here and we confirm we have availability to assist you, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, or check to start the service.

Can I use your service if I am selling a home, condo, investment property, or land?

In most areas, this service is available for all residential properties, including single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, investment properties, and land. 

Do I need to attend an in person meeting or conference call to use this service?

You do not need to attend a meeting or conference call for our service. In most areas, in person attendance at the closing itself is common (although more remote and pre-signing closing options are becoming available). Our service typically requires you to communicate with us by email and sometimes phone calls.

Other Questions? Please see our Closing Costs FAQ or contact us.


The best alternative for buyers and sellers:

  • Instead of Realtors who want a percentage fee (ouch!)
  • Instead of professionals who want to charge an hourly rate (scary-how much will it be?)
  • Instead of the confusion and risk of figuring it all out on your own (stressful!)